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Blink of an Eye
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Blink of an Eye

An Interactive Window Display

Blink of an Eye is an interactive window display centered around the theme of time. The installation flashes your life before your eyes. Your Instagram life.
Text the number your Instagram handle to see your (social) life flash before your eyes. The eye will blink and flash your Instagram photos to give you a glimpse into your past and allow you to relive memories in real-time.

Interactive Window Displays from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

How it Works

the guts and glory

  • Step 1

    Text the number

    By using the Twilio platform, the onlooker texts the specified number their Instagram account (handle)

  • Step 2

    Peek into your Instagram account

    The algorithm then scrapes your instagram account for those lovely pictures you've decided to post

  • Step 3

    Mirror mirror on the wall

    Once the images have been accessed, the system then grabs them and displays them back to the user

  • Step 4

    Blink once if you get it

    The eye will blink before displaying the images to the user, and then blink again once it is done

  • Ta-da!

Our Amazing Team

The masterminds behind the cyclops

Emmanuel Klein

Based in New York, Emmanuel is a creative technologist exploring the use of code and physical objects to delight and bring awareness into our lives.

Paula Ceballos

Brooklyn-based interaction and experience designer, who's passionate about immersive experiences, creative storytelling and exploring the imaginative use of new technologies.
Paula’s work has been featured in Engadget, Crossfader magazine, Harvard Divinity School, MEX Design Podcast, Observer, and more.

Wipawe Sirikolkarn

A multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn with experience ranging from visual identity on print and digital media, user interface, creative coding, and interactive prototyping.

Kritchaya Twitchsri

Bangkok-born, New York transplant, visual and UI / UX designer. She enjoys applying multidisciplinary design and delivering crafted solutions to users. She is currently exploring the boundaries between design, science and technology as a way to create positive behavioural change. On her free time, she often enjoys paper crafting, cooking Thai food and watching dogs in the park.

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